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 Monday, September 8

Lil update. We were supposed to march in the Soho Art Parade again, but it got cancelled because of Hanna. No parade fun, but I enjoyed having the perspective on a year gone by. Last year I was worried sick about it and screwed up even the simplest songs (not that anyone could hear, mind you!). This year my bigger worry was dying of boredom, so I spent a little time working out alternate voicings for the chords so I'd have something else to think about. That's awesome.

B and I pulled down the ceiling in the garage yesterday. Once we got the insulation down we saw: the million zillion deck screws that we'd spent so much time screwing through the backer board in the kitchen. I think every one of them is going to have to be ground off before we can run the tubing up there. Big job. They're seriously every three or four inches. But at least we made some progress, and it coincided nicely with our condo getting a dumpster after the dicks in #7 put a bunch of gross garbage out and the maintenance guys wouldn't touch it. Two birds with one stone, as they say. I hope that was my last act as condo president. There's a meeting tomorrow and we're supposed to vote on whose turn it is in the barrel; I'm done.
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