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 Tuesday, August 19

I think I have found a program that will really help me organize my music library. Jaikoz is the one I tried before that crapped out on me after a few tens of thousands of songs, but I've updated and reinstalled it and am running it on one letter at a time and I really do think it's helping. Of course it's not going to find acoustic fingerprints for the files I have that were ripped from vinyl and other obscure stuff, but if it can do some of the common ones, that will take a bit of the load from me and I can eventually do the rest manually. 'Tis a great burden I bear.

I'm doing this tonight instead of going to the Ukes for Obama meetup. I'm well enough that I'd go to work at a job if I had one, but I don't want to chance infecting the others and having them be sick for the shoot on Saturday.
6:37 PM

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