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 Tuesday, August 19

I had such an excellent weekend! I went up to Boston to drink, play games, and geek out with fellow Georgers, including such WG luminaries as Wattsburg Gary, the #1 Georger in all of Georgedom, and Hank, the guy who started the site. Amazingly enough, most of the people there were really cool, regular people and a whole lot of fun to hang around with. It's so liberating to be able to really talk about stuff that makes most people glaze over at parties. The icing on the nerdy cake was that a bunch of the people there also play the game I spend so much time on. Even the Georgers glazed over when we got talking about that. It was awesome.

My only regret is that I shared a room with a smoker, which ended up bothering me more than I thought it would and I got a bit of a summer cold. But that seems to have succumbed to an ascorbic acid flush and lots of echinacea and I hope to be OK for the Ukes for Obama meetup tonight.

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