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 Friday, July 4

So it was my first ukeversary this week. I celebrated thusly:

(Yes, I am too lazy to take the strap off for a photo. Deal.) I've named him Eubie, and I think he looks pretty damn fine, especially considering he's 80 years old. I think my UAS is in remission now for the forseeable future; I've got all the options that I want pretty much covered. I don't have a reso or a bari, but I don't want either.

Why a banjolele? Because I felt the uke was getting too damn much respect. Actually, the primary use is for the Ukes for Obama project I mentioned earlier. Link TK when the webmaster at gets us hooked up with a space to organize and upload files to. For now, you can buy a T-shirt.

12:30 PM

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