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 Monday, August 6

Want to know what happens when you find bedbugs in an apartment? The exterminators come. Want to know what happens when the exterminators come? They trash your shit like a team of burglars robbing a hurricane. Every drawer of every dresser, emptied and upside down. Every picture taken off the wall. Every piece of cloth needs to be laundered, bagged, and laundered again. Everything you own gets exposed to the killing fog, and then you throw most of it away anyway. All the books get bagged up and put in bins to be quarantined for years to come and probably thrown away or ruined by the basement before that. Furniture gets busted up, hauled out, and kicked to the curb with a warning note that gets ignored by some poor bastard. Anything made of wicker gets evicted with extreme prejudice. More laundry. More vacuuming. More bedbug corpses. Pyrethrin-based poison everywhere, including the rooms with no evidence of infestation, but you clean and launder and vacuum and bin the entire contents of them anyway. Finally a hot shower and you can put your work clothes in a sealed bag until you can wash and cook it to your itchy satisfaction. Then you come back and do it again the next day.

So how was your weekend?
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