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 Sunday, May 27

I can tell you right now I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow. I've spent the last two days kicking serious ass on the condo grounds. Pulled all the weeds in all of the cracks in the front, back, sides and public areas of the courtyard, swept every paved inch of the grounds, put all the sweepings where they belonged. Trimmed and cut back all the plants that needed it. Broke up the rocky sandy soil, added compost, worms and leaf mold to the front beds where I planted Bishop's Weed (said to be unkillable...we'll see about that) in the tree pits. Did community outreach with the idiot dog owners and maybe got one or two of them to remember not to let their stupid dogs step on the plants, at least if I'm standing right there. For a day or two. It's raining now and I hope this will water the little transplants in well. I'm ready for bed.
10:30 PM

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