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 Thursday, May 17

The big heavy box of medical supplies arrived, so now I've got 12 bags of Lactated Ringer's Solution and venosets. And also 100 new 20-gauge needles, which are much slimmer than the freakin' harpoons I got from the vet, but with thinner walls so the flow of fluids is said to be the same, and an official sharps disposal container with biohazard warnings all over it. I hope to hell I have the time to use all this shit up.

I also got some pills that are supposed to stimulate her appetite and may or may not have side effects including lethargy, agitation, or howling. Thus far it hasn't had any effects at all, side, front or top. I'm simmering some chicken to make some broth to maybe get her to drink, and hoping the smell will waft up to where she is and get her juices flowing, but she hasn't come down here with the munchies just yet. In any case I also got a pornographically huge food syringe from the vet, so there will be food in her stomach one way or another.

7:28 PM

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