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 Monday, April 30

I got acupuncture today after work and before class. Acupuncture rules. I felt like an electric stove burner, all glowing buzzing lines. She semi-deliberately made me late for class, and strongly advised that I not take it tonight, so I went back to the dojo and just picked my stuff up and headed home.

When I got to the elevators, the one on the left was full of people but not moving and I thought it was my lucky day and they were waiting for me. Turns out they were stuck, and pretty damn gloomy about it if you ask me. Personally I would have been awfully happy to have been stuck at the bottom and not the top or, worse, the middle. They said they were waiting for the fire department and when the other elevator came down there were three firemen on it. They weren't carrying axes, though, to my great disappointment. One had a little red toolbox and from it he produced a big jailer keyring with a lot of long cylindrical keys on it. It looked like a set of wind chimes. One of them found the proper key and stuck it into a little hole at the top of the elevator door, and...nothing happened. At this point they realized that the doors at the other end of the elevator were open so they'd have to do something else to get it to work. I'm hoping it involved an axe, but I'll never know, since the other elevator came back at that point and I got in it, joking with the rest of the people who had been gawking at the zoolike display. Sorry, but it really was pretty funny, from the outside. Perspective is everything!

Ran into a neighbor who said she'd heard that the dB's got a good offer on their place. Fingers crossed.

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