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 Wednesday, March 14

Well, here's hoping the third time's the charm with the fridge. The third guy came today and actually seemed to know what he was doing, unlike guys one and two. He had the proper diagnostic equipment, unlike guys one and two, and knew how to use the information it gave him. He was also smart enough to listen when we told him what the problem was. (In a nutshell, the defrosting cycle would kick in and never stop.) So we've bought a new logic board, like a three-second Google told me we would, weeks ago. I am still seething with resentment that we had to pay the first two idiots for wasting our time, and hope I actually do write the letter I want to write and send it to some muckety muck at the General Electric Company.

Fun and varied projects are popping up like cute li'l mushrooms. Just enough to not get bored, but not so much to get stressed. Just the way I like it. It'll be a trip to work on a square canvas instead of a round one for a change. Wonder if I'll leave the corners blank out of habit.

My curtains came in! They are purple, way purpler than the picture. Purple like Crayola purple. B got me a rod today (Heh. I said rod.) so when he gets home with it I will finally get some privacy. (Pronounced the English way.) Then again, if the neighbors haven't called the cops yet, I guess they're not gonna. Unless there's a local ordinance about purple curtains that I don't know about, in which case I'll order the lime green ones.

I also cleaned up the front garden a little. I think it's still too early to pull up all the leaf mulch, but the DBs have threatened to clean the grounds this weekend and they don't know what's planted where in our little space. At least the leaves all went on the compost pile out back. I'll donate some worms this week, and they will have an absolute orgy in the half cantaloupe that's out there. Or is it a honeydew? I can never remember that one, probably because I hate melons.

My train of thought was just derailed by the unignorable sound of a noisy bunch of kids out back. Three of us badass homeowners went and moved them along in the whitest possible way. "Uh, you guys can't hang out's, uh, private property." That was someone else, mind you. I was just there as backup muscle.
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