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 Monday, January 29

Ok, so it's morning and I'm sitting in front of the TV eating my breakfast. I'm drinking coffee, so really the caffeine hasn't hit my system yet; I'm in that phase of the day where my eyes are looking at the Weather Channel but I have no idea what the faces are talking about and if you asked me what the weather was going to be I couldn't tell you. So maybe my mental state is responsible for this total disconnect, but the fact of the matter is: I am pretty sure I just saw an ad for AARP that used a Buzzcocks song.

And my brain said 祈??¨hjUUI©iFe?§tHKG¨Á¨†øˆ›€ˆºˆº&*¢??ƒçµˆ›??ÎR%$&(Ç´GˆÆ|%^§NO CARRIER
9:00 AM

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