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 Monday, December 18

Well, that was interesting. I had an MR-i (technically, an MR Angio) today. Empty my pockets, change into a gown, schtup in some earplugs, lie down on the little track and get locked into a head brace and packed in like an eBay collectible. I don't think she actually crumpled up wads of newspaper to stuff around my head, but I'm sure she had some handy. Then, into the tube, with the oh-that's-a-first order: Don't move, don't swallow.

I kept my eyes closed for about the first 15 minutes, but decided it would be exceedingly silly to have the experience and never really know what it looked like in there, so I prepared for extreme claustrophobia and opened my eyes. Not too bad, really. There were little lights in there, and a gentle breeze on my face, so it really wasn't all that unpleasant at all. Kind of like riding in a small car with the visor flipped down and the little vanity lights on. I even drifted off to sleep a few times.

But the NOISE! Wow! It's true what they say. Whum-whum-whum CLANG CLANG HAMMER HAMMER GRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIINNNNNDDDD onomatopoeia/in proximity ya/rearrange my brain/with a strange cacophony The third round was the best, a single-note distorted guitar BLANG BLANG BLANG which was joined by a similar BLANG BLANG BLANG an octave higher. Lovely, in a noisy industrial way. I was thinking I'd love to sample that noise, but the fact that the thing's a freakin' ginormous magnet might create a bit of an issue transducer-wise.

Duly magnetized, I hightailed it out of there just in time to go work out, which sucked, since my partner was weak, and since I pulled the shit out of my calf muscle halfway through the class. Hope it's well enough to walk on tomorrow.

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