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 Wednesday, December 13

I've spent the last couple days getting to know more about our health care system. Despite the efforts of everyone I encountered, I was able to elbow my way in to see a couple of doctors and am one test away from a clean bill of health. The neurologist actually used the word perfect. (I asked if I could have that in writing.) She was impressed by my arm strength, and my mighty traps, too. Kind of a nice way to start the day, a little ego-boo and official medical reassurance that I'm healthy as a horse. That and a bit of window shopping for televisions, actual food shopping at Trader Joe's, a wild goose chase shopping from bank to bank for crisp uncirculated dollars, and a nice sweaty workout.

Fonely there were heat and/or hot water here back at the ranch. I can hear Tony and his boys banging around, and there is evidence of much activity, but he's still using the word "maybe" when talking about having hot water tonight. Um, dude, I just worked out. I'd very much like a hot ablution tonight. Maybe I'll go down there and stink at them until they relent and turn the water on.

2:18 PM

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