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 Thursday, October 5

So the money rolled in, today it started the process of rolling out. I found a chiropractor I could afford and went to see her today. All went well until she adjusted my neck and I had a "neurological episode," i.e. I saw stars and passed out cold. Completely shut the fuck down. Had no idea where I was when I came to and no idea what she was talking about when she apologized for screaming. Great, fucking great. So now I have to go get x-rays at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning and spend the evening looking up icky words on the internets. I'm not worried about my body; I know that's fine. I only get upset when I start to think about how much goddamn money this little adventure is going to cost me. And of course this is a particularly bad time for this nonsense, what with all the other major projected outgo and no damn income.

The worst part is, my neck feels better, even with just that partial adjustment. I can totally turn it way further than I could before. Sadly, I don't think she's going to touch me again until I have x-rays in hand and a full neurological workup. (Not gonna happen.) But I'll have a cool x-ray of myself just in time for Halloween. And of course it's all going on the miles card. This shit's getting me to Yurp next year.

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