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 Sunday, August 6

There's so much to do when it's 85, sunny, breezy, and I have icky work I have to get done before Monday. Yesterday I weeded the whole back area, and today we went out and dug up all the daylilies by our door and put in our new plant: Filipendula ulmaria, aka Meadowsweet, aka Queen of the Meadow. I hope it's happy in the little front area. Right now the whole spot looks kind of silly; the 20 or so bigass lilies are out back now, so there's a whole bunch of empty space there with a teeny tiny ferny little plant right in the middle of it all.

I also got some sweet autumn clematis to grow on the chain link fence out back. If that catches on it'll be awesome.

Unfortunately, all this time in the sun resulted in a somewhat fried back. I'm slathered in aloe and perfumed oils now, and kind of wishing I'd tucked the tag in on the shirt I was wearing before I spent all that time out there... embarrassing...

I hacked back the passion flower which was covering our front window and threatening the neighbors. B went all pruney on the wisteria which was climbing the coax cable toward the satellite dish. I need some good Felcos, dammit, those plastic ones worked fine for a season but they're shite now. I've also got to learn more about pruning. I think I have a plan for the leggy lilac, but want some professional guidance before I do it. No rush; that will happen in like March or April anyway so I have plenty of time to read up. Hel-lo, Amazon Marketplace!

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