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 Monday, August 21

So I've been in this clearing out phase. At home, at work, I'm going through drawers, closets, cabinets, entire rooms, pulling everything out of them, cleaning, throwing out tons of krap (sorry, D) and deeply reorganizing. The other day I got started on the closet in my office. I pulled everything out and piled it up over about three fourths of this room. I wanted to just paint over the fucked-up drywall on the ceiling, but B prevailed, so I graciously allowed him the pleasure of ripping out and re-sheetrocking the disintegrated corner where the water damage was.

Meanwhile, I painted the shelves (black and yellow) downstairs, then once B was done with a basic coat of joint compound I ignored all the warnings about drying time and painted the walls and ceiling in there. Dark red. Dunno why, but this time around I wanted it to be red. If nothing else, it had to be different from the silvery lavender use-up-the-can from the rest of the office. I've been oddly compelled to paint things dark today; in between doing the shelves and the closet walls I casually painted the ceiling of the little powder room off the kitchen a dark reddish dried-blood brown. I like it. I did something krafty with the light in there, too, but you'll have to come visit to see that.

One thing was obvious as I cleared out my closet: I have a lot of art supplies. I have a lot of art supplies still in their original wrappers. This has to change. This time of year I always do a lot of reflection and make resolutions, so in addition to my original goals for this next year, I've got a new one: Use that shit. It's doing no good at all sitting there on my shelf waiting to get destroyed by the next flood like so much paper stuff did. So tomorrow when I load the closet back in I'm going to change the whole thing around and really try to put that stuff where I see it all the time and maybe I'll get inspired. I've also got this dream of clearing off the big workspace in here and keeping it clear... what? Stop laughing, it could happen...

The flow isn't only outward, though. I may be developing a small Haworthia problem. I wanted to identify the one I had, and that research led to looking at others, which led to looking at websites that sell them, which led to a long list, and they're like three dollars each so my list got a little shorter but somehow then it got long again and I dunno. At least I know I like some types better than others, so I can specialize and maybe limit the spending a little bit that way. For now.

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