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 Wednesday, August 30

It is, of course.

Besides the workout—which was awesome since there were four other students, all guys, so they paired up with each other and I got to work with Joshu, who's a great partner—other good things happened to elevate my mood: as I was walking down Washington Street, a bunch of police cars and fire trucks went by with their sirens on. A yellow Lab was tied to the fence of an outdoor café next to where his people were having lunch, and he howled along with the sirens so I got to see that cute puckery under-chin dog thing that you can't help but smile at.

I also had a bit of an epiphany about the song I've been working on and realized it was never going to work the way I had it. When I got home I tore it down and rebuilt it from the bottom up, and now it's a hundred times better and I have lots of cool parts left over to use someplace else. Maybe I've got the makings of a concept album here! Ha ha!
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