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 Tuesday, August 29

Gah, enough already with this rain! If I have to suffer through this kind of Dutch suicide weather, at least there should be a steady supply of high-quality cheeba around. Days like this make me really rethink the wisdom of moving to Vancouver. On the other other hand, they do have some darn fine reefer there.

I splurged (hey, I'm almost Almost Old) and spent the last seven dollars of my walkin' around money on a cute little Purple Passion plant. I've moved plants into the same category as books: no limits on how many come into the house. This may become an issue in the future, but, for now, la la la I'm enjoying the nice clean air. At least I've gotten over the Haworthia-buying problem. because I've fallen for Argyrodermas, with a little loop through Lithops in there as well.

5:14 PM

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