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 Thursday, April 27

Spring is bustin' out all over. The blackbirds are back in the swamp down the hill; I haven't seen them yet but I've heard them yelling. I also saw the rare and elusive (and ugly) baby pigeon...well, technically an EX-baby pigeon; or at the very least pinin' for the fjords, so don't click on that link if you are sensitive. The big-leaved trees are all unfurled by now, and the smaller-leaved ones are still wrinkly but not far behind. The poison ivy is thriving, as always, shiny and tantalizing.

The kefir grains got here safe and sound and are resting comfortably in a nice cozy jar of organic milk. I will have grains to share in the future, so if you're interested in fermented dairy products—or low-maintenance pets—just holla at me.

4:17 PM

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