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 Friday, March 3

So things are getting back to normal. My broken toe no longer looks like a Black Krim, so I will buddy tape it and try to kickbox tonight. I need it; I've been on a yogurt kick which probably added ten years to my lifespan but also added a couple of inches to my measurements, so I'm scaling back on that a little bit. Just a cup or two at breakfast should be plenty... just because there is a half a gallon of the stuff in the fridge does not mean I need to consume that much every day.

Hoping a friend is in the process of quitting, or has already quit, a Shit Job. Guess we've all been there, in that tunnel-vision place where you forget you have the right to walk out when it hurts you. Thing is, that's the kind of job where they'll shitcan you without warning the second it's convenient for them. Fuck that. Life's too short.

3:03 PM

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