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 Monday, March 13

It was a warm, rainy day, and I'm afraid for all the little green shoots out there who are totally getting the wrong message right now. I hope the weather people are wrong about the subfreezing weather that's supposed to come back after this lovely bit of faux spring.

I had work to do, which I did, and I figured out the perplexing problem with some files that had been confounding us at work. Unfortunately, I believe the issue lies in the original graphic files, which I didn't have, and couldn't get to, since the stupid VPN was down, as always. So I'll have to fix them tomorrow when I get to the office. It's cool, though, if I'm right about what I think it is, this will make a big difference in my ass pain level in the future.

I was glad to have the unexpected most-of-the-day off; spent it playing with Performer, dragging something tangible out of this formless mass of (rather interesting) sounds which I think I've got a plan for, finally. Got some ideas to kick around but no more time to do it tonight. I wish I could just keep going on this tomorrow instead of the work day that lies ahead, but I sure do like that roof up there so into the big city I go.

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