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 Friday, January 27

Okay, this is my kind of work day. It's the beginning of a magazine cycle, not the end. Most of the articles for the next issue are done already, since a big story last month bumped a bunch of them to the next issue, so expanding my job by adding in the new front and back matter couldn't happen at a better time. So the pressure is low, and the sun is quite sunny, and soon I will make giant bundles of money.

Thanks to that sun, I've spent most of the afternoon getting some top-quality light therapy in the solarium. Also grâce aux soleil, the lime tree is blooming profusely, so it stinks real good up there, and the big Drunkard's Dream is busting out in an absolute paroxysm of yellow flowers. They're not half as fragrant as the lime tree's blossoms, but they're just as heartfelt, and a welcome burst of color now that the Christmas Cactus has shot its fuchsia wad for the year.

So this is work, sitting up there in the sun on a cushioned mat with a cup of tea, a couple of cats and my big font book, making lists of faces to try as I think about this redesign. Taking occasional breaks to do things like water the plants, and getting ahead of the game for the next issue, instead of pushing it all to the stressy end as per usual. I wish work could always be like this.

3:30 PM

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