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 Monday, January 9

My projected workload unexpectedly dropped the other day, so I gave myself a good old-fashioned weekend. Normally the days starting with S aren't very different from the other ones for me, but this time around I unrepentantly wrote, I drew, I dreamed, I sat in the solarium and drank tea, I lifted weights, I installed the new (to me) iLife, played with Garage Band for waaaay too many hours, and ended up installing some professional audio software to make a big yummy pile of loops for GB. It's kind of like using a high-end food processor to mix batter for an Easy Bake Oven, really, but I don't have a problem mixing tools with toys when they make my life less complicated. It's been years since I had so much fun making loops, back when I learned how to do it on the S950. I'm starting to realize why since then I've been obsessively collecting the music of the world; there are some really really tasty items in my toolbox right now, and I'm hot on the heels of more. Not sure how I'm going to release the results into the wild, but it'll take a couple more weekends before I have anything worth sharing anyhow.
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