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 Tuesday, December 27

I had the best holiday experience today. I was walking to BJs this evening as the sun was setting, and got to the toll plaza at the mouth of the Holland Tunnel.

As always, they've put up the gigundo wreath on the "O" of Holland, a matching one on the "u" of Tunnel, and a huge triangular treelike hunk of green sort of smack in the middle, halfway on the "n", about where the right edge of the flag is in this picture. (Post 9/11 you're not allowed to take pictures around the tunnel, or I'd have at least a phonecam representation of my own here.) Frankly, I think the one wreath on the first O would more than suffice, but I guess I'm not Christmassy enough to be in charge of that decision.

Anyway, on that corner to the left of the tunnel approach, the Chubba Lubbas have put up a Happy Hanukkah sign with a big menorah on it (well, big compared to a regular menorah; sadly, pathetically small next to the green acres on the toll plaza). I was waiting on the opposite corner for the light to change when it happened: a dark late-model sedan pulled up to the roadside menorah, a skinny young man clad head to toe in black jumped out, ran to the menorah, and... twisted the next bulb in the series to light it, then jumped back in the car which headed into the tunnel. I could almost hear the faint strains of Baruch atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha-olam in jazzy 5/4 time as the Kandle Kaper went off without a hitch.

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