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 Saturday, December 24

I guess I didn't post about it, but while I was in Australia I kept on seeing this dumbass game show. I asked the locals about it and watched it several times, trying to figure out the point of it, the skill required, any explanation for what looked to be a game of complete boring chance stretched out over a half hour. I never did come up with any reason for it to exist. And now it's here. I shake my head as we descend into the muck.

I think going to karate last night kicked the ass of the cold that was trying to get its hooks into me, so that's good. Now I have energy to start the prep for tomorrow. The warm weather kind of throws a Spaniard into my plans to brine the turkey outside; it's 52 degrees out there now, squarely within the Danger Zone, so I'll have to clear enough space in the fridge to put a 5-gallon bucket in. Oh well, nothin' to it but to do it. I'm off.

11:09 AM

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