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 Saturday, December 3

Goddamn. It's so unusual, typing drunk (and signing up for a LiveJournal account, something I don't think I'd do otherwise). There was a time when this was my normal state of being, god knows, when if I went for a week without a drink it was completely odd. But I'm so out of that now. It was really bizarre—fun— to be back in a (smoky; NJ doesn't have the cigarette ban yet) bar and drinking. With my boss. So weird. But good. Fonely they had better music. I'm bringing the DJ a few CDs before the holiday party. I think his taste is good, but the dumbasses he has to play for dictate the crap he spun tonight. Phoo! I may have posted before about this DJ, the one with the Beat Street jacket. I think he'll dig the CDs I'll make him.

The best part is, Sensei's a local business owner and regular customer, so the both of us got bombed for the price of a couple of (nice) tips. Sweet. Been a long while since I've lived like that.

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