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 Wednesday, December 14

Cool day, well, effin' freezing day, but a cool day as far as I was concerned. I resuscitated the expensive boat anchor and made some really nice band buttons for the really nice girlfriend of some guitarist. There's a BFC percolating through the bank account. I found out for sure that Kayleigh's dad, who started going to the karate school after she lost interest, is in fact the same guy that I was friends with umpty-ump years ago when I was a sophomore in high school. I dug up the yearbook but, sadly, he didn't have a picture in there, and I did, one taken the day after a haircut I really hated, so no way am I going to bring that in. He had signed it in a unique way, one word per page for a while, then a kind of scavenger hunt with in-jokes, marriage proposals, and band logos, like an actual friend, unlike all the ones with loopy dumb-girl writing that start with "Even though I didn't really know you..." Why did we pass our yearbooks around to the lame people we didn't know? Why did that other weird guy sign his picture "Yours in God"? I bet now he's one of those pinheads who's all het up this year about how all those libruls are hurting Jayzus by wishing each other happy holidays. I saw a van with a massive magnet-sticker thingy on the side and another one on the back expressing that sentiment yesterday. Almost went through the window to educate the driver about the concept of other beliefs and creeds, but chose to just curse him loudly and go into the supermarket all pissed off. Consider it a holiday gift. Oh, yeah, and there was the, y'know (jerks head to the right significantly).
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