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 Wednesday, November 30

Meanwhile, back in Breederville, some people seem to have moved into the unoccupied unit. Really moved in, furniture and stuff, not like the workers who kind of squatted there just to have parties. The new people appear to be a young couple, and they have a baby. Imagine that!

To recap, if you're playing along at home:

  • Unit 1: Had a baby last year
  • Unit 2: Had a baby last year, briefly pregnant again a few months later but miscarried
  • Unit 3: Biological clock just flashes 12:00 12:00 12:00.
  • Unit 4: Debilitating baby rabies. Will be pregnant as soon as they can get off their allergy meds long enough to piss in the gene pool.
  • Unit 5: Had twins last year. Pregnant again now.
  • Unit 6: Pregnant now.
  • Unit 7: New couple with baby
  • Unit 8: Pregnant now.
Okay? It's totally not just me imagining it.
11:20 PM

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