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 Saturday, October 22

Warning: the following post includes complaints about someone else's incompetence. Hypersensitive incompetent people should read no further.

The roofer came this morning about the leaks. It rained for a week straight while we were away, and there are some new shadows on our bedroom ceiling that weren't there when we left. The old leak in the closet seems to have opened back up with the new roof; the floorboards are buckled and there's a new little pile of plaster on the floor. It seems all the other units have the same leak in the bedroom, the one that coincides with the edge of the new solarium.

So the pinhead roofer's bright idea was to hook up a hose and put a couple dozen more gallons of water into our sheetrock. Something about men standing around with hoses just works my nerves. Like the guys who hose down city sidewalks every morning, wasting gallons and gallons of drinking water to chase a single cigarette butt off to the gutter. Kill.

Anyway, the pinhead roofer had to run the hose for ten, fifteen minutes or so. There I go, complaining again, but I think hosing the roof down is kind of an ineffective diagnostic tool. Mostly since it's been raining steadily since about 9 last night.

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