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 Monday, October 10

Melbourne continues to please. We went to the zoo yesterday (or, as I've named it, the Walking Menu) and despite being depressing, as zoos always are, and brimming with ill-mannered sproggen, as zoos always are, it was a lovely way to spend the day. Really, though, the flora and fauna out in the streets are just as interesting. They have crazy birds here, including lories just like the one cousin B has, just flying around. They have pigeons with big spikes on their heads (crested pigeons) and something called bell birds which make the most artificial sound I've ever heard from an animal. The seagulls sound different here too. And the plants are straight out of Dr. Seuss. We went through the botanic gardens and it was pretty damn foreign.

The coffee continues to be excellent and I continue to drink gallons of it. I have the day off but B is working so I'm doing the Lost in Translation thing, but with coffee. And laundry, which wasn't anything too interesting. It's less of an adventure when you speak the language.

There's one more show tonight, which I'm not working other than selling merch with a guy named Max, who's a complete plonker. If I can keep from stabbing him, I'll have a little spending money for the rest of the trip, which would be nice since my per diem for the days I did work has dwindled down to a rattle in my pocket at this point. Course it's still worth at least 10 bucks, but still it's iron, not paper, so I gotta make some money.

More when I get to Brisbane (rhymes with Lisbon).

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