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 Friday, September 2

So I had a nice birthday. I wasn't in the country I wanted to be in, and the fish was a different hue than I'd planned on, but it all worked out just fine. Life does that. The spouse hit it out of the park present-wise, best of all was the lovely boxed DVDs of the first two seasons of a show I adore, which fills me with delight and empties the TiVo of like 30 hours of drive space.

I did the usual stock-taking and I'm pretty okay with the way things went this year. I didn't start new stuff like last year, but I kept going on the stuff I did start. I'm making good progress with the karate thing, getting stronger all over, marginally less spastic, so that's good. Scale's ten or twelve pounds higher than it was this time last year, but I'm wearing the same clothes and they fit as well or better, so I'm not going to worry about it. Work is fine, it comes and goes and I'm happy to see it in both directions. We seem to be making enough to get by without killing ourselves, so that's a win. More would be better, of course; I really want that mortgage gone before my 40th birthday, but this will do.

My 38th year resolutions:

  1. maybe possibly kinda sorta start lifting some heavy things and putting them down every once in a while. First I have to get past that whole I-haaaaate-lifting-weights issue, but hey, after that it should be smooth sailing.
  2. get better at lucid dreaming. This is already happening, though not as fast as I'd like. I think a little focus here will pay off in spades.
  3. someone who's been to places I haven't been once told me there are always two choices in any situation: the one based on love, and the one based on fear. I want to work on that this year too. It's easy to always go with fear, to not put yourself out there, but what does making that choice over and over again mean for your life and for the world?
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