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 Friday, September 23

It's not looking good for our poor old TiVo. One of the two big drives we put in a while ago has failed, to the extent that it's impossible to copy that drive onto a larger one. The manufacturer's utility just throws up its hands and a white flag with the error message that it can't continue because there are too many errors. I've written to the manufacturer to ask whether that utility is fixing a few of the errors each time, hoping I can fill in a little bit of the chasm every time I run it, like darning a sock, and eventually patch it up enough to copy to the new drive. But I'm not very confident it works that way.

The worst-case scenario is: we start over with the new drives and a vast empty TiVo, and my four-second kickabutt TV appearance and the show with B on it are gone forever. Those tender little signals always end up ephemeral, try as we may to fight it.

10:28 PM

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