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 Thursday, September 22

I'm not too sure about this being busy thing, but what I will say is that it's forced me to become a lot more efficient in using up the selvage and the baloney ends of time. I have to be at the dojo at 10AM; heretofore I'd have written off the morning as just time to wake up, eat, pack food, and get to work. Turns out I can steal a lot of hours in there, though, and get a full body workout or a series of multistate errands done in that time. I've also made the connection that my walk down to Hoboken is almost exactly half an hour, and the lessons on Pimsleur tapes are almost exactly half an hour. Fortunately, I don't tend to pass many people for most of the walk, so I can freely be the crazy lady speaking in tongues.
5:56 PM

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