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 Saturday, August 27

Ok, I got a couple of new things goin' on. For one thing, we successfully fixed the dishwasher today. I came down to hear it making a loud buzzing grinding noise, shut it down and commenced troubleshooting. I was right when I figured it was a foreign object (need a scan of that David Dameo drawing here) in the macerator pump. I got exploded drawings and all that jazz off the inter-nets and had it taken apart about halfway before I hit something plastic that I didn't want to force and stopped to try to find more information. While I was looking it up, B, who had less fear of the forcing, found all the right things to press on or pry up, got all the bits taken apart, and exposed the culprit:

a pistachio shell.

In other news, I was on the tee vee last night. Channel 11 news was doing a story about the rapist who's on the loose in some towns around here, and did a bit about women and self-defense, so they came to the dojo and interviewed my sensei. She threw the little reporter guy on the ground and everything. Anyhoo, they also wandered around during the class filming the women, and ended up using several painfully long seconds of me punching some focus mitts for their 10:00 teaser before the baseball game started. So there you go.

10:20 PM

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