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 Monday, August 15

Mmmm, 70s and cloudy. Never thought I'd be glad to say that, other than maybe in Maine where this would be considered a nice day. But today the 20-something degree drop is just what the plants and I needed. I hope the white ring washes out of the black shirt I was wearing yesterday. Unlike yesterday, today I can actually entertain thoughts of doing stuff like watering the plants with the rainwater I collected, shopping for supplies to make E Chow, and eventually schlepping down the hill to take three, count 'em, three classes.

I want to take as many as I can this week because I happen to know that there are only two high red belts in the belt closet and there are a bunch of women my size bearing down on their high reds. The problem is, when I order more belts tomorrow, it's almost certain that the ones that come in will be the new style which is very different from the old ones. The stripe down the middle is kind of shiny and the color overall is darker and more magenta than the current red belts. I don't like them at all. So the race is on, in my head anyway. The temptation to kind of casually push one of them back where nobody will find it is mighty strong. I really want to get it before we leave next week. (The dinner invitation is still open, incidentally, the Fish House in Stanley Park, on my birthday, reservation is under my last name at 6:00.)

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