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 Wednesday, July 6

At the school I go to, there is a bit of a ritual that happens when a student earns a new belt. After the class is over, and all the strength training and stretching is done, everyone lines up in rank order on the mat. Most of the time there are no new belts, so we just all bow, turn, run around in order, and class is dismissed. When there's a belt to be given, it happens during that time when we're all lined up and standing at attention. Sensei calls a name, going from lower to higher belts if more than one student is being promoted. That student runs to the front of class and stands facing Sensei with arms spread shoulder high. Sensei unties the student's belt, hangs it over the student's arm, and ties on the new one. Student and sensei bow to each other, then the student steps diagonally to Sensei's side, turns, faces the class, and everyone bows again and applauds.

Tonight there were three promotions. Fei got her high white belt, JP got his high blue, and the third one was me. It wasn't a surprise, since I'd been tested on my pushups and situps earlier in the class. I didn't want it, though, not today. I still don't think I deserve it, really, but whatever. Thing is, whenever I've gotten a new belt in the past, and it's happened six times so far, after the applause you run back to your spot and everybody runs around to finish the class. I always glance skyward at this point and kind of hope my dad is watching and proud of me. So tonight was, well, you know.

Incidentally, I found another playing card on the street on my way home from the dojo tonight. Six of hearts. Whaddya reckon that means?

Some good news: the Wonder Twins F and F have taken over the icky job I didn't want to do, so my moral quandary is over. The scumbags can resume fucking themselves anon.

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