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 Wednesday, June 1

Ugh, my scroll wheel is broken and I miss it bitterly. I took the mouse apart and pulled out a pound or two of cat hair and crud (sealed design, my butt!) but it's still not working. Instead of going clicketyclicketyclickety it just turns smoothly and doesn't register any movement. I'm not sure where the clickety aspect comes from, and didn't have a working one to compare it to, so I ordered a replacement. 50 bucks! Ouch. The Wacom site has a really weird policy: ten dollars for shipping and handling, no matter what kind of shipping you choose. So it can be ground, second day, or next day, all for the same ten dollars. I wonder how many people don't choose the next-day option. Seems to me if your mouse doesn't work, you want the new one STAT, don't you?
10:10 AM

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