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 Wednesday, June 8

It's official: we're in a heat wave. I feel like I'm melting into a puddle of butter—or, more accurately, coconut oil. I had resolved to finish this stupid pin job today but am just utterly unmotivated, despite all this (iced, green) tea I'm drinking. I suppose the logical thing to do is have a nice siesta until the sun moves along a little further, but what I'll probably do is let the neighbors' dogs out (woof, woof, woof, woof) and go look at the garden. Not DO anything to it, mind you, just look at the happy little seedlings and the green layer of tiny weeds that's covering the compost we spread. They're still too small to pick, but in the next week or so there's gonna be some work to do out there. That's then, though. It's waywayway too hot to think about that right now.
12:49 PM

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