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 Tuesday, June 28

I got the Whole Day Off today. I couldn't find the keys to the dojo anywhere, and it turns out I left them there last week. So after a series of phone calls I ended up turning around and going home with my big bottle of Señor Limpio. (I'm cleaning the mat, with the help of that big bald queen, doing about a ten-foot strip every day. Between scrubbing it with a stiff push broom to get the grime out of the textured surface and maneuvering a big heavy mop in long infinity signs to dry it, it's almost a better workout than going to classes!) I'd just gotten to the bottom of the hill when I got the last call. All the senseis and Joshu were on their way to train at one of the other schools, and since nobody they could reach had a key, they decided to just open the school this afternoon when they got in after training. I feel like a right plonker, I do.

I guess the bright side is I got a nice hike in early. I put the rest of the celosia seedlings in the ground out back, hoping the dog that likes to shit there will maybe go somewhere else once they get tall. Then B and I cleaned out and/or repotted all the house plants that needed attention. We'd put them out last night to get rained on and I think they all know spring is here. I'm not sure how they interpret being potted on; I guess when we prune them they think they're getting nibbled by animals or something, but how to explain being pulled out of a confined space and put in a larger one? Maybe some kind of really felicitous earthquake.

I meant to finish the health care job but other things kept distracting me, not the least of which was the teeny tiny phonograph-needle sliver of glass that spent most of the day in my foot. Finally dug it out with the help of B and the X-ray technology of his ubiquitous mini Maglite.

C called to cancel our Photoshop class for tonight, so here I sit, still not doing the health care job, thinking maybe I'll go to the market and get some chicken to roast for the next week. I had a whole day handed to me and I kind of squandered it workwise, but I got my hands in some dirt and that's even better. Don't know how we're gonna pay the bills, but my soul feels good and that's what really counts.

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