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 Sunday, June 26

Another lovely day in the garden, which is going completely bonkers. The tomatoes are staging a rage in the cage, the zucchini are growing at an alarming rate, even the strawbs are flowering, much to my surprise. The cucumbers have found their strings and are almost up to the chain-link fence which is theirs for the climbing. The raspberries have two fat pink vanguard berries that should be ready in a couple of days and will be only the beginning of what looks like a huge harvest. The peppers are growing more slowly but are full of flowers and should be rewardingly productive this year too.

Spent the morning watering, the afternoon weeding, and the late afternoon fixing the worm bin which had some anaerobic pockets that needed attention. The bin is all clean and balanced again now, the rolly bin is brimming with browns and happy at last, and there's a nice batch of vermicompost tea bubbling away in the garage.

I'm all showered and spiffed up now, ready for cocktail hour, dinner, and perhaps a trip with G and C to the local big-box home improvement store to buy more plants to put into the places we just cleared out. I'd love to buy a chipper shredder for the condo, but I think we just need to find someone who has one we can borrow a couple times a year.

I think for now what we need is some edging bits for the tree pits. They're just full of sand and rocks and dogshit and broken glass right now, but between me and the worms I think we can do better than that. My plan is to dig down a little bit and build up a little bit with serious organic matter, raising the level enough to support but not enough to harm the trees, of course. I'll try putting pachysandra in one, ivy in one, sweet woodruff in one, and, hm. Maybe hostas in the other one. Something has got to thrive in that situation, and whatever works well will win.

We'll also probably get a few things to put in the remaining planters out back, maybe something edible that you could pick and eat while sitting on the bench, maybe a nice vine that would grow along the fence, maybe just some pretty flowers. As always, the selection at that store at that moment determines the landscape design we live with.

We also talked about taking out some of the pavers back there, amending the soil, maybe building raised beds, but I think that's a plan for next spring.

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