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 Monday, May 2

Whoop! Whoop! We've clambered back onto the Internet. Radio Free Foomart is on the air once more, featuring some tasty new tidbits I've acquired over the last little while. If it doesn't work, dump your cache, throw away any old playlists in your iTunes library, and try again; every time my IP address changes I have to update the links. But it should be good right now. As always, if you add the user radiofreefoomart to your iChat or AIM-style buddy list you will always be able to see the current song and artist, and most of the time a tiny little representation of the album cover, too. You can always come here and see it in the thingamahoojy up at the top of the page there, but I realize every once in a while you do have to visit another site. That's where the IM thingy comes in. I also take requests. Of course if I'm not at the computer, I can't do much about them, but it's always worth a try. I crave human contact.
9:28 PM

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