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 Monday, May 16

Happy birthday, CZ!

The work thing has slowed down a bit, to my delight. I've been deeply organizing. Today I detailed my office and the freezer, yesterday the pantry and a bunch of the cabinets in the kitchen. I have to work at the school tomorrow, so the house won't get any love—I'm going to bring some food for the poor plants there, though, especially the ficus I nursed back to health. So there will be some love after all. I talked to Sensei and she said she'd hook me up with more classes than I was expecting in exchange for working there, so I'm a happy camper. It's still outrageously low pay, but I'm fine with that. And it means I can keep doing the Sadistic Triples twice a week, yay.

Current injuries are fairly minor: fingers still screwed up but less painful and improving. There's a big ugly bruise over the outer two knuckles of my left hand. It looks like I sucker punched somebody in the jaw, but sadly has no such fun story behind it. I was leaning on the mat and kind of rolled on my knuckle a little bit. Didn't hurt or anything, but something must have happened because a few minutes later I looked down and a whole quadrant of my hand was swollen up like a golf ball. I was fine during class but when I hit the heavy bag it got a lot worse. The hurting increased on the way home, and my knuckles bruised up nicely over the week. At first I couldn't really reach into my pocket without my eyes popping out, but that got better and I was barely wincing by today. Unfortunately, I barely dragged on it again tonight in grappling and now it hurts again. I think some kind of tendon must have slipped over a knuckle or something. Such a bummer, especially since I didn't DO anything.

What else. Not much. B's been killing himself working on the solarium while I've been Virgoing the downstairs. Floor is curing, I think, or will be doing that tomorrow—couple more days and then it'll be time to move the poor wan plants back up there and hope the shock of sunshine doesn't kill them. I said I'd spearhead the condo gardening committee and have pretty much dropped the ball on that; got to get my shit together. I donated some compost and worms to the backyard but other than that haven't done doodly. Soon, soon.

What else. I bought a bathing suit and, if you're as geeky as I hope you are, you will know why I picked this design.

Ok, gotta go to bed now, big day tomorrow ordering uniforms and changing trash bags. I'm hoping that on my way home the local market will finally have the organic strawberries they've been advertising for the last two weeks. I'll buy them out and freeze the wealth of berries and then...SUCK IT. Guess I didn't mention what it was that started my kitchen organizing binge...yeah, I've got a new toy.

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