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 Monday, May 30

Awright! I just finally dealt with all the button crap I've been avoiding. All the emails are sent, all the buttons are designed, now I'm just waiting for swag to come in the mail and I will bang out the actual pins. Besides the current crop of bands, I'm also doing some for a coffee shop, in exchange for a handful of magic beans. I'd just spend the money on coffee anyway, eh?

Watered the plants again this morning, and they all seem very happy. B did a bunch of work on the indoor plants today too, while I was NOT DISTRACTED and TOTALLY FOCUSED on getting these button orders out. It's a good day for nature around here. Even the stinky compost roller thingy is starting to finally respond to the pounds and pounds of brown we've been feeding it.

Lunch break, and then I'll thaw and marinate some shrimp to bring to a barbecue in E's backyard. It's a beautiful day out there; time to go enjoy it.

2:17 PM

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