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 Friday, April 29

Still don't know what's up with this town. It feels a lot like Albuquerque, only colder: a town that has seen better days, and not too long ago, so there are a lot of angry people, a lot of crazy people, a lot of walking and not much to walk to.

Conversation I overheard on my way to the convenience store to get water:

Hey, where ya been?
Ah, I had to get my toenails cut.

My cow orkers back home will be amused to know that when I finally did get to the store they were playing Fucking. Hoobastank.

The theater was an interesting place to be today. Did I mention it was a church and not a theater? And that nearly everybody working there (not counting the seething angry guy who worked for the church and who was a complete dickweed) was an inexperienced volunteer? Everything was late, volunteers were dropping like flies from injuries sustained while carrying ridiculously heavy lighting equipment, nobody was in charge, nobody knew what to do or where to go or when anything would be arriving, oh, and the generator I mentioned yesterday? Didn't work. So we couldn't set up, couldn't do a sound check, couldn't do much of anything really. I ran a lot of errands, ate a lot of sunflower seeds, and ended up leaving around 6 to go do the dramaturgical thing with DG in an overheated coffeeshop, glad to finally be doing something useful.

At least the food is good around here. Dinner both nights has been fantastic and not too expensive even though the dollarette is fairly strong these days. There may only be two or three good restaurants around here, but we're only here for three nights so it seems like there are plenty. The coffee is pretty okay and sometimes much better than that, but way too many places have the maddening dairy selection of skim, 1%, or 2% milk. Ew. Not even good old homo milk, much less cream. I bought a pint of 10% cream, which I reckon is roughly equivalent to half and half, and have been slumming it with that. Ooh, poor me.

Had a nice curry goat for lunch, thus continuing my lifetime trend of never having met a curried goat I didn't like.

Tomorrow will be a real work day, just like I pictured it, sound check, everthang. I'm hoping someone will have moved the pots of daffodils from in front of the pulpits by then. I took a picture of the setup when it had just gotten started, and I'll post that when I get home and can get it off my camera for free. You'll probably be able to see the daffodils.

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