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 Tuesday, April 19

I am taking a moment. Don't tell anybody. I'm done work at the dojo, went to BJs and bought a backbreaking load of Atkins-friendly products, the sight of which got me dirty looks from fat people with carts full of Atkins-unfriendly products. Avoided the stupid train, got on the good train, got home, took the thawed free turkey out of the fridge and started roasting it. I have a few minutes before B gets home and we do a runthrough of the DG show, sort of a rehearsal before Thursday's rehearsal. We'll try to finish that before C comes over for her Photoshop lesson, though I don't see that happening, so we'll probably have to work after that. Then tomorrow I'm back at the Job Which I Only Do For The Money* and sure hope I get paid tomorrow. And I hope the check doesn't bounce like the last one just did. If this were the first paycheck to bounce from this company, I'd be less concerned about it. Somehow I didn't kill anybody at work after the shit day, of which the bounced paycheck was only a small part, and had a particularly strong workout that night. It's enough to know you'll be allowed to kick the crap out of something if you just wait a little while.

Sunday was the only day I'll really have off for this whole month. So we sanded the solarium. Owie. I'm beat like a rented mule and it's mostly because of jobs that can't or won't pay me..this must needs change. Gotta run; I'll try to do better with the blogging but I warn you it's all gonna be complaining for the forseeable future.

*okay, and a little bit to help out a friend. But mostly for the money.

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