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 Thursday, March 3

Working too goddamn much. Hate that.The button shit is all piling up around me; I've got hundreds of band buttons to do as well as a bunch of normal orders, and they'll just have to wait until the weekend.

I'll have extra free time on Saturday, since I've decided to blow off the grappling team practice due to my stupid hand. I'm probably going to quit the team altogether; I can't keep injuring myself this way. The finger I busted a few months ago is still all crooked and I'm just not willing to let my hands get fucked up. Until the richest country in the world provides healthcare for people like me, I can't afford to get stuff like this fixed, so I've got to stop breaking it. I'll still grapple in my regular classes, but I don't think it's worth having badass status if it is going to mean permanent damage to my hands. I need those, need them to stay sensitive and precise, and frankly I'd prefer they didn't look like apple trees.

11:09 PM

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