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 Tuesday, March 8

Shitshitshit. The guy came today to repair the washer, which has been irreparably burning or getting oil on clothing lately, and said that to fix it would cost $950, somewhat more than we paid for the thing. So now we have to buy a new washer. Unfortunately I don't have my new miles card yet. Fortunately, Sears has a free delivery dealy. Unfortunately, it ends on Friday and the replacement card certainly won't be here by then so this just sucks. Not to mention the whole not-having-any-goddamned-money-in-the-first-fucking-place issue.

At least I'm not trying to drive out there. It rained this morning, then it turned to snow, and now it's cold as a motherfucker, so the roads are smooth slick ice and cars are sliding all over the place. I asked about telecommuting tomorrow but there are some god-knows-how-earthshaking corrections on a piece of paper there, so I get to risk my neck and spend an hour-plus in the biting cold traveling to the stupid job anyway. That whole VPN thing is just for show, I guess.

Gotta give a Photoshop lesson tonight. I'm totally not in the mood, and hoping she cancels, but I know she won't.

I guess I'll just make dinner. I think something appropriate to the day, like grouse, or perhaps crab. With a nice bottle of whine.

5:04 PM

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