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 Monday, March 14

I feel GRRREAT! Three good kickabutt classes in a row, culminating with kickboxing where I got to actually do some hitting. We weren't supposed to really wail on each other, but I was paired up with the merciless Sempai J: black belt, tiny spitfire, and my favorite grappling partner, because she kicks my ass. She is notorious around the school, mostly because she doesn't know the meaning of "go easy." Fine with me; I have several inches and a couple dozen pounds on her, so if she wants to go balls to the wall, that gives me license to do the same. I popped her good a couple of times. She nailed me a lot as well, but with the big puffy gloves and all the protective gear, getting hit really isn't a big deal. (Except for when she cold dropped the big guy who made the mistake of not wearing a cup to class one day, but I don't really fear that.) When I actually learn how to do this stuff, watch out. It was still hella fun to just get in there swinging with my big heavy gloves on. One of these years I'm gonna have serious Million Dollar Baby shoulders. Right now I'm looking forward to peeling off my sweaty clothes and getting into a shower about the temperature of the one in The Andromeda Strain.

Go outside and check out the Cheshire moon if it's nice where you are. It's just hanging up there, grinning, and it put a real smile on my face on the walk home tonight.

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