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 Monday, February 21

So we didn't do the solarium today after all. We did a whole bunch of work on the far end of the kitchen instead. It's unlikely that we'll get to the solarium tomorrow, either, since B has to go into the city early and I have to go to the dojo late. Besides, sanding all that poly will require serious remediation measures, not the least of which is opening a window or two, and it's gonna be cold tomorrow and warmer later in the week. So probably not until then.

Moving the kitchen along, on the other hand, will help a lot toward getting our house back from its current chaotic state; little things like not having all the cookbooks in piles in the living room are always nice. I would say the kitchen is one lumberyard/hardware store trip and two days' work away from being (pretty darn close to) done. I think after this phase is over with, the only thing left to do is cut the hole for the vent in the outside wall. Hm. I wonder if the solarium guys left their big ladder hanging around. Coupla minutes with the reciprocating saw or rotozip and the smoke detectors will no longer go off when I sear a steak, which would be a Good Thing. I'll have to locate that vent hood tomorrow and keep a sharp eye out for the roof crew. After the fiasco with the electrician, they kind of owe us one.

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