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 Wednesday, February 16

Mmmm...emotional eating. Name a sweet thing that was in my refrigerator, and I ate four of them. Amazingly enough, it hasn't made me feel any better. Imagine that.

It's taken all day to really hit me how goddamn sad it is to bury this pretty little pussycat who wasn't even four years old. We got extra wide shelves all the way around the solarium just so the cats, particularly Mite, could walk around on them. The guys just finished putting those shelves in today, and the solarium is still closed off to the felines. So she never got to see it, much less do her funny furry-footed walk on it, and that's really really fucking sad. She would have loved it up there.

The worst part is, we still don't know what killed her, so we don't know if we'll wake up tomorrow to another stiff cat. We are appreciating the fur off the other three tonight.

9:40 PM

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