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 Tuesday, February 15

It looks like my soul is safe for another day; I never got the call to go in tomorrow. I'm thrilled. Any day that doesn't start with the squawking of the Dream Erasing Machine is automatically better than one that does. I also got a last-minute cancellation of the Photoshop lesson I was going to give tonight, news which I celebrated by baking some double chocolate walnut flaxmeal muffins. B got a ton of serious quality work done in the kitchen today, and I hope to make further progress there tomorrow. Whether that's in real life or just trying color ideas out in Photoshop remains to be seen.

Bad communication day, from leads at the dojo who got away to the overornate shelf supports the guy was going to install upstairs to trying to talk to K who's about to have some surgery—routine and fairly minor, but still surgery— to trying to talk to F who's getting used to the idea that she's bedridden and going to be that way for a while, all these conversations broken up and disjointed, connections weak and fitful. I'm hoping the static clears tomorrow, because these are things worth talking about.

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